At Outpost Plus, we are also a smart city solutions provider. We help municipalities and communities leverage the power of technology to improve public safety, efficiency, sustainability and quality of life.

We offer a range of services and offerings for municipal and smart city projects, such as:

  • Public Safety: We can help you implement smart lighting, surveillance, shot spotter, video analytics, emergency and disaster response systems to enhance the security and resilience of your city.
  • Integrated Public WiFi: We can help you provide free or low-cost internet access to your residents and visitors, using our network infrastructure and expertise.
  • Smart Buildings: We can help you install sensors and automation systems to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your buildings, such as access control/cameras, HVAC, lighting, solar and water.
  • Transportation Systems: We can help you improve your traffic monitoring, public transit, connected buildings, parking lot/space availability and smart meter enforcement, using cameras, sensors and analytics to optimize your mobility and transportation networks.
  • IoT Communication Layers and Protocols: We can help you integrate and optimize your municipal networks and IoT devices, using various communication technologies and protocols such as LoRaWAN, private LTE, existing muni WiFi, wireline networks, MQTT or CoAP. We can also future-proof your deployments to be compatible with next-gen IoT solutions without significant infrastructure changes and upgrades.

We also offer feasibility studies and budgetary analysis of IoT deployment plans, smart/IoT project and vendor management, and turn-key solutions for smart building deployments including residential internet service provisioning, smart monitoring and management of HVAC/lighting/elevators/security systems, medical device monitoring and contactless fall detection, smart TV overlays and dedicated municipal or building-specific IPTV content channels.

We are proud to serve our clients with the best municipal and smart city solutions in the industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your city into a smart city.