Outpost Plus is dedicated to building bridges of connectivity to solve the digital divide. We bring skilled engineers, decades of experience, solid partnerships, and a willingness to get our hands dirty to build infrastructure to improve connectivity in overlooked places. 

We work with entrepreneurs, investors, communities, and non-profit organizations to build ISPs that are scalable, profitable, and provide value to local communities. Our engineers work closely with telecom vendors to create solutions for connectivity in areas that are traditionally difficult to serve, with a focus on building long-term value and rapid ROI for our investors and partners.

We also provide consulting services and managed network deployment for our clients of any size. We design networks for rural, urban, multi-family, vacation home, corporate office, or any other type of network, and provide complete turn-key deployment and testing. Our tower crew is approved to work on many national tower properties and ready to deploy your equipment safely, quickly, and at very competitive rates.