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- Public safety systems: Technologies such as surveillance cameras, shot spotters, and emergency response systems.

- Integrated public Wi-Fi: Establishing city-wide Wi-Fi networks to provide seamless internet access to residents and visitors.

- Smart buildings: Deploying sensors and automation systems in buildings to improve safety measures (access control, cameras) and optimize energy usage.

- Transportation enhancements: Traffic monitoring, integrating public transit with connected buildings, enabling real-time parking availability information, and implementing smart meter enforcement systems.

- Integration of private LTE and existing networks: Integrating private LTE networks and existing infrastructure with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) or CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) based protocols to facilitate interoperability and efficient communication between devices.

- Feasibility studies and budgetary analysis for IoT plans


- Turn-key network builds: Providing comprehensive network construction and implementation services.

- Feasibility studies: Conducting assessments to determine the practicality and viability of network projects.

- Network and customer support services: Offering assistance and troubleshooting for both network infrastructure and end-users.

- Network planning and mapping: Designing and mapping out network layouts and configurations.

- Budgetary analysis for network deployments and long-term maintenance: Evaluating the costs and financial considerations associated with network implementation and ongoing maintenance.

- Customer acquisition and marketing strategy: Developing strategies to attract and onboard new customers.

- MDU builds: Specializing in network deployments for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) such as apartment buildings or condominiums.

- Customer installations: Performing installations and setups for network services at customer premises.

- Tower builds: Constructing and establishing tower infrastructure for network coverage and connectivity.

Partnership Opportunities

- Turn-key (W)ISP business: Providing comprehensive solutions for starting and operating an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business, covering aspects such as network infrastructure, equipment setup, and operational processes.

- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Assisting with the entire M&A process for ISPs, including conducting due diligence, providing training and inspections, and facilitating smooth transitions.

- Finding investment opportunities in the ISP world: Identifying and evaluating potential investment opportunities within the ISP industry, offering insights and guidance on market trends, profitability analysis, and growth potential.

- Developer-owned infrastructure for subdivisions, MDU complexes, and trailer parks: Designing, implementing, and managing network infrastructure specifically tailored for residential subdivisions, multi-dwelling unit (MDU) complexes, and trailer parks, ensuring reliable and high-speed internet services for residents. This includes coordinating with developers to establish connectivity solutions that meet the unique requirements of these communities.


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive assessments of various factors to determine the viability and potential success of proposed initiatives.

These studies encompass evaluating market demand and competition, analyzing infrastructure requirements and costs, conducting technical assessments of network deployment, assessing regulatory and legal considerations, and forecasting financial projections.

The studies aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the project's feasibility, risks, and potential returns on investment, assisting decision-making and strategic planning for the ISP ventures.

Turn Key Builds

Turn Key Builds

Turn-key builds involve providing end-to-end solutions for setting up and launching a new network, network segment, or Internet Service Provider business.

These builds encompass various aspects, including network infrastructure design and implementation, equipment procurement and installation, software and systems integration, customer onboarding processes, and operational workflows.

Additionally, turn-key builds may include comprehensive project management, ensuring seamless coordination among different stakeholders and delivering a fully functional and operational ISP ready to serve customers.

Tower Builds

Tower Builds

Tower builds involve the construction and installation of telecommunication towers to support wireless network infrastructure.

These builds encompass site selection, tower design and engineering, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, tower construction and installation, and integration of antennas, radios, and other equipment.

Tower builds require expertise in structural engineering, RF planning, and project management to ensure the towers are built to industry standards, meet coverage and capacity requirements, and support the expansion of wireless networks for reliable connectivity.

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure

We can setup network components and equipment necessary for the operation of wireless ISPs and wireless connections.

It includes various elements such as base stations, antennas, radios, access points, and backhaul connections. Building wireless infrastructure involves site surveys, RF planning, equipment selection and installation, network optimization, and ongoing maintenance.

The goal is to create a robust and scalable wireless network infrastructure that supports seamless connectivity and meets the demands of users.

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