Network Design and Deployment

Design a network to meet your community’s connectivity needs and deploy the network within your budget. Deploy the network quickly and accurately, maintain the network for high reliability, and expand as needed.

Network Design

Our design will encompass all segments of your network from the core all the way to the end users. We’ll consider all available technologies, including fiber, copper, and wireless, to create a network that will fill the specific needs of your community.

Network Deployment

Our network and tower technicians are available to deploy, activate, test, and maintain your network infrastructure.

We’ll work with tower companies and telecom carriers on your behalf to procure tower lease and fiber circuit agreements. Our tower teams are certified with the major U.S. tower companies. Our teams will work together to deploy your wireless equipment while integrating the network design and follow up with a full network test to hand off a functional, turn-key network to you and your community.

Deploy your wireless, fiber, corporate, or data center network quickly and accurately using Outpost Plus, LLC and our team of trained technicians.

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